Seismic Survey in Monroeville
...Residents may experience a Monroeville company, Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration, LLC, conducting what is called a Seismic Survey in their area. A Seismic Survey is not a drilling operation, but it is a process of exploring for natural gas using sound waves to “map” the geological structure of Monroeville at different depths.

This does not necessarily mean there will be drilling or the process known as “fracking” in Monroeville. There are many steps that have to be strongly considered before that is to occur in Monroeville, if indeed it does happen.

Additional info:

Map of entire 202 square mile area included in project

Map showing the areas of Monroeville that MAY have seismic testing

List of local roads that MAY be included

*Note - This does not necessarily mean that every street on the map and the list will have seismic testing. The areas of Monroeville that may have seismic testing are primarily the south and north areas of Monroeville.

Proposed Seismic Testing Ordinance

Seismic testing is the procedure to explore for natural shale gas through using “vibroseis trucks” on streets and roads. Here's a link to a short clip to give you an idea of the type of vehicle(s) you may see during the seismic testing. To view clip, click here.

UPDATED 12/04/2017:

Those who are interested in the recently-passed Monroeville Ordinance regarding oil and gas wells, should note that the legality of this ordinance is being challenged in court.

Here are the related legal documents.

The ordinance which was just passed:


Ordinance 2669 has references to ORD1443

The Court-related documents:

Motion For Preliminary Injunction 10-18-17

Motion For Expedited Hearing on Preliminary Injunction 10-18-17


Memorandum of Law in Support of Preliminary Injunction 10-18-17

Second Motion - Expedited Hearing 10-26-17

Order To Show Cause

Affidavit - Second Motion Expedited 10-26-17

Municipality’s Brief in Opposition to the Preliminary Injunction Motion 10-30-17

Fully Executed Seismic Settlement Documents 11-27-17